anti-aging-homeopathyAs we “grow up”, we work our way through a variety of different stages and each should NOT be more difficult than the last. It’s possible to go through each stage and feel great. Our “second spring”, a term coined by the Chinese, is when imbalances associated with ageing appear, such as:

  • thyroid and hormonal issues
  • diabetes
  • weight control
  • arthritis
  • skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema
  • digestive problems such as Crohn’s, colitis, IBS and GERD
  • menopause
  • andropause (the male equivalent of menopause)
  • anxiety or depression

These issues can prevent us from enjoying life to its fullest.

Homeopathy and nutrition are a great way to bring balance into your life and address these issues. Once your initial consultation and follow ups have you on the right track, you’ll notice changes in how you’re feeling and will be ready to consider changes to your diet to further enhance the improvements that you’ve been experiencing.

Mental Health

Anxiety and depression can be very difficult to deal with and may seem insurmountable at times. The beauty of homeopathy is that you don’t have to discontinue taking your medications because the remedies stimulate your body to heal itself. With this approach, you can still work with your primary health care provider and start decreasing your medications as you start to feel better. Patients begin to have a clearer head, an improved outlook about their lives, begin to sleep and eat better, and realize that life can feel wonderful once again.

Duration of treatment:

  • six months to one year

depending on a variety of factors.

At the end of your package you will:

  • look and feel better
  • have greater energy
  • begin to feel like you’re a newer, healthier version of your old self

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